ORACLES - online community theatre

We've gone back to the drawing board on this "show," reworking the format to best serve current societal needs and making the project much more collaborative. So then, here's what we're looking at:
Oracles will be a pre-recorded video-based interactive experience whereby viewers select an oracle card (choose a video) and that choice sets them on a particular path, with additional choices to be made along the way.

Here is the rough sketch of what to expect. Details to trickle out between now and Fall 2021:


  • After a brief introduction by mystic Madame Rouenska, viewers will select a card that will take them to their first scene of choice
  • Each video will represent the card selected
  • At the end, Madame Rouenska will tell them their fortune (based on their card choices) and send them on their way
  • The entire experience will run approximately 45-70 minutes depending on the viewers choices. This does not include any intermission they may choose to observe


  • All work is volunteer, with names in credits
  • All performers are responsible for their own set decoration, costuming, and make-up, as pre-approved by the director
  • All lines are to be memorized, no reading off a script or cue cards
  • Players should be prepared to commit to a minimum of 3 scenes. They have the option of performing in as many as 7 scenes


  • We're looking for scenarios that represent the spirit of the card selected, and we'd prefer to have our community pitch in with their ideas and creativity instead of having our usual scribe drone out the same ole drivel
  • We will accept ideas for characters from the community 
  • We will also accept 6-9 minute scripts from the community


  • There will be 49 scenes total 
  • Each scene should run 6-9 minutes
  • Scenes should feature 1-3 actors


  • Auditions (send in a 1-2 minute video of you performing a favorite scene or something original) deadline: October 01
  • Casting announcement: October 5
  • Costume & set proposal deadline: October 15
  • Filmed scenes due: November 15
  • YouTube premiere: December 31  

To be produced by the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences.

Cost: Public "tickets" will most likely run $10 with proceeds going toward our Whimsicalidocious arts nonprofit that discretely gives funds to working artists. The show's team members may "watch" at no charge.